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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  March 21, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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attacks. the bombings targeted schools and police stations. no one has claimed responsibility. in a few hours, things will come to light here. mitt romney will be visiting today. we'll let you know what time. we have new information this morning as baltimore mayor play introduces the 2013 budget. a look at the ski spending issues and what -- the key spending budget and what it means for you. that and a lot more ahead on this wednesday morning. i'm megan pringle. we will start off with lynette charles. a foggy start. exactly, foggy again. it's mild and humid out there. you should feel it. the hair day will not be good
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today. maryland's most powerful radar for the most part is dry. but if you go to the south, you're dealing with a shower there. and in virginia, be sure to look out for the thunderstorm that is off towards the east of richmond and petersberg and to the north of newport news. so that is what we're looking at this morning. all and all not so bad in terms of the showers. but we're foggy, only two mile visibility in baltimore, one in easton, zero in washington d.c. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. foggy conditions is hindering the commute this morning. the good news so far we have a lot of light volume out there. so not too bad out there. we have a water main break on forest park avenue. this will be between the center county line and windsor mill avenue. extra caution there. other than that, no accidents to report on the key routes,
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just foggy conditions. we'll take a tour around 695. in green spring avenue, as you make your way to the 83, we're moving without delay. and a live view of the north side of 695 getting into the parkville area. you will have the extra dense foggy conditions. so extra caution with reduced visibility. breaking news this morning, safeway has announced it will no longer be selling ground beef that contains the meat filler known as pink slime. it's waste trimming that's undergoes a process to separate muscle from fat. safeway cited severe consume concern for the reason. the trimmings are approved by theusda and do not have to be listed on the label.
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a standoff in french of the man that is suspected in the french school shootings. the suspect through a handgun out the window about an hour ago and said that he will surrender this afternoon. the raid happened around 10:00 p.m. last night our time. police said they have arrested the suspect's brother. and the suspect claims that he has connections to al-qaeda and french authorities said they're looking into a mail bomb that exploded overnight in paris. they wanted to know if this bomb is connected to this week's school shooting. mitt romney is victorious this morning. he added more delegates. he is now leading with a victory in that state. romney shifted attacks back to president obama. >> after years of too many
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apologize and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, it's time to see this word, enough. >> rick santorum is hoping to rebound in louisiana on saturday. mitt romney has won more than double the delegates that rick santorum has. but he's not even halfway to the magic number that he needs to clinch the nomination. mitt romney will be in maryland at a town hall meeting that is happening this afternoon. that is where we find linda so this morning. >> reporter: yes. he's expected here at 3:30. that is when the town hall- style meeting will again. . that event is open to the public. things were busy here yesterday with preparations saiding up
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chairs and lights. this will be mitt romney's only stop in maryland. earlier he said that he would stop in annapolis and frederick. but those stops were canceled. romney's visit come two weeks ahead of maryland's april 3rd primary. 37 delegates are up for grabs here. supporters say they're excited about today's visit. >> ehrilich, he's republican, and he was here and they got rid of them too quick. he came to the neighborhood and we could not park anywhere. and now it will be worse. it will be fun. >> reporter: democrats are hoping to steal some of the thunder today. there will be a conference call today to criticize romney's policies. this is open to the public. get here early because space is limited and so it parking.
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maryland's primary is scheduled for april 3rd. early voting begins on saturday. new this morning, baltimore city mayor rollings blake release they are 2013 budget plan. >> reporter: we have all new information this morning as mayor rollings blake introduces her budget meeting at city hall this morning. she's trying to reduce a $48 million budget shortfall. it would permanently close three fire companies and could shut down several recreation centers. it will trim costs by come binding the 911 and 311 call centers and focus on less taxes for homeowner and figuring out how much of the pension cost will be passed on to the city. and the city is reinstitution health care -- reducing health care costs by $20 million. it fully funds the city's open
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gas obligation for public schools. it will go through a series of meetings and public hearings. the board of estimates could vote on in june and the changes could go into effect july 1st. baltimore county school board voted on a unanimous yes to build a new school in tim ammonia in mays chapel park. they say it's the best place for the school to relieve overcrowding. mays chapel park bordered on retirement and assistant living communities. >> park is taking. there will not be any park of any value to walk. >> this site for the past 25 years has been designated as a
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school site. it's a school site that has been used as a park and not a park convert into a school. >> it is expected to open in 2014. it's officially spring. but keyers and snowboarders -- skiers and snowboarders are still lacing up. where mother nature forgot to drop some sunshine. and what if your tattoo would let you know that someone is trying to reach you. what one cell phone is trying to make happen. the fog is back this morning. but how long will it linger today? i have a couple of closures with a water main break and also some debris we'll let you know where coming up next. ♪
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this is the second day of spring but it looks like winter in mount hood, oregon. these are the spring
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conditions. skiers and snowboarders were looking at this. and they said that the visibility was blizzard-like. i don't know if that made you miss winter because we did not have anything like that or makes you grateful for the winter that we had. what do you think? >> it's 50/50 there. if you love the snow that is where you need to be. you can see it on the satellite and radar. and that snow continues to come down. so we have winter across that area. and we have summer feeling across the middle of the nation with a plume of moisture in louisiana, streaming all the way up into iowa. this will be the scenario as we go through the rest of today. a slow mover, but this system will work its way off towards us in the weekend. i'll detail that a little later. this morning, we're dealing with saturated air out there. and we could see the clouds hovering in the area. that will be the name of the game and that humidity is high, a hundred percent. we all know there's no question fix to losing weight
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and then keeping it o but there's new information this morning that may help you break down some of the myths about weight loss. it's allergy season. so which cities are the worst when it comes to the sniffles. a live picture of downtown baltimore. this is the inner harbor. we'll be right back. @ @ this one's for all us lawnsmiths.
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this is such a weird ringtone and it may have some competition. ikea may try to patent a tattoo that would vibrate when someone is trying to contact you. users may be able to customize the tattoo. they are trying to patent a sticker version of these devices for those that don't want something so permanent. angela, have you ever been heard of such a thing?
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>> no, i have not. it sound crazy. >> you don't want a tattoo that rings? >> no, i don't want a tattoo that rings. 5:16 and we're foggy again this morning. this is 95 south of mountain road. building at volume and moving at a good pace. i want to mention forest park avenue in the city closed with a water main break from windsor mill to the county line. but no problems to report for those of you traveling on the harrisburg expressway. we're looking good. this is a live look at 83 and the harrisburg expressway, not too bad for those of you in the southbound direction as we're building volume. and if you're heading downtown, here's a live look at things heading in on the left side of the screen. and with the fog, mta reporting minor bus delays and all rail lines on schedule.
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we have reduced visibility. and it will stick around for a while like yesterday. washington d.c. one mile visibility, hagerstown, six, winchester five. so you pick a spot, and that fog is out there. not only do we have the fog, but we're humid. so it is feeling uncomfortable. 59 degrees in baltimore and 55 in easton, 61 in washington d.c. right now and in the upper 50s in york and hagerstown and in culpepper. satellite and radar showing you the clouds out there right now. and you can see the darker gray clouds. these are the clouds that are difficult to scour out and that will be the name of the game as we go through the rest of the morning. so late morning, and early afternoon, i'm thinking clouds willing hovering. it will not be later in the afternoon. that is when we start to get more sunshine breaking out like we saw yesterday. so a carbon copy of the first day of spring.
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future spend goes into motion. and we have a chance for showers popping up as we go into the afternoon, isolated in nature and that will continue even as we go into thursday and also friday. today, temperature coming in around 73 degrees. we'll get that sunshine later in the afternoon. by tonight, 53, mild and humid again and the clouds will be increasing. tomorrow's temperature coming in around 77 degrees, partly cloudy and it will be warmer. and now over to megan. we all wish there was a magic pill for weight loss. but it has not come out yet. hopefully we can help you out with giving you the skinny on dietties. >> reporter: there's no one magic bullet that will help you beat the scales. there are little nuggets, rarely published information.
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we've been taught that weight loss should be slow and study. but according to a university study, secret number one, people that lose weight fast right out of the gates, lost more and kept it off longer next, exercise, you need long cardio workouts, right? if you want to lose weight, you have to add interval training. it raises your heart rate and then you rest. it doesn't have to be running. even walking fast. secret three, people that fifth get leaner. all of that movement burns calories. so in your everyday routine, squat, flex, wiggle and distance a little. good news on the next secrets, drinking a glass of red wine each day has been proven to help reduce fat and help you
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fight off certain precursors to diabetes. >> one glass good, three glasses bad. >> reporter: there's always chocolate, though small amounts of cocoa ca aid in the fight against obesity and satisfy sugar cravings. >> they're real. so a little trick, find a tea that mimics dessert. >> reporter: i like the good earth cinnamon tea, or sugar cookie tea. >> i don't know if cookies will be replaced by tea. but good advice. spring temperatures are a welcome change for many of us. but allergy season is not. the allergy found nation america released the list of the worst allergy cities. bat smore 84 on the list --
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baltimore is 84 on the list. the number of allergy medicine used by each patient is how they determine the numbers. mexico was rattled by earthquakes yesterday. it took about seamstresses and ten days to create. we'll show you the world's longest bridal train. look at this the penguins were at sea world in san diego, california. we'll be right back.
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hundreds of homes were damaged when and earthquake shook parts of mexico it was a 7.4 magnitude. there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths. the eldest first daughter is in mexico. but she was a hundred miles
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from the epicenter and is doing just fine. president obama is heading to a nuclear security summit in south crore this weekend. he will pay a visit to the military zone. and the white house does say that this visit will show support for u.s. allies in seoul. and it will give the commander and chief to meet with some of the american troops serving on the korean peninsula. and painting to be done by an anonymous artist is in fact the work of vincent vango. experts examined the painting. he painted in 1886. check this train out. a hot air balloon carried what is regarded as the longest bridal train.
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it's merely two miles long. it took ten seamstresses 100 days to create. some people will not be able to enjoy a day on the water anytime soon in san diego. find out what a tennessee man found in his car when he went out for breakfast. maryland's most powerful radar has changes this morning. the detail are coming up. foggy conditions and slow drive for you this morning. use extra caution. we'll have the detail on your morning commute up next. a blow to pink slime. safeway is announced it is no longer selling that type of ground beef that is made with low quality scraps and treated with ammonia. and saudi's oil minister said that high oil prices are
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unjustified. oil prices came down briefly but gas is still at a record high. and fed chairman ben bernanke went back to college to teach. and the pup publisher of angry birds is going to sell games in the u.s. and open sites at theme parks to be a permanent part of american culture.
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good morning. i'm megan pringle. we have a lot of stories that we're work on this morning. sherrie johnson is here with


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